Magical Cleaning Products (part 1)

We moved into our new home (which we LOVE! Original 1930’s doors, sculpted corners, wood burner….) just before Christmas, and so had to invest in a whole new box of cleaning products – which when you buy them all at once, becomes horrifically expensive (even if you do use Poundland). It’s amazing how many different products there are that all do the same job – even all-purpose cleaners have different ‘all-purposes’.

But, mainly thanks to Pinterest, I have discovered some magical, super cheap, actual all-purpose cleaners – and you can eat them!

This is great, as in our house we tend to live by the 2 second rule and I dread to think how much Flash with Febreze I’ve ingested.

The best one by far is – Bicarbonate of Soda.

It really does do everything. We pour it down the sink every now and then, sometimes with a drop of white vinegar, just to hear it fizz and clear out all of the gunk we chuck down it. We sprinkle it over the carpet when we spill something, leave it over night and then hoover it. I’ve even whitened my teeth with it, mixed with a bit of lemon juice (although it was disgusting, and impossible not to dribble down yourself while trying not to swallow any lumps).

Today, we tried out a new magic cleaner – Cola. (Discovered on Super Scrimpers)

We’ve got a little milk pan,  a hand-me-down from my Mother which I used to warm my milk up in as a kid, and it’s brilliant for beans. It is the perfect size. However, Boyfriend fried up some onions in it for hotdogs and they coated the inside of the pan with black, burnt onion juice. No matter how many times we cleaned it, my porridge always tasted like burnt onions.

Enter the magic : We bought some super cheap own-brand cola from the supermarket (which is usually about 50p, if that), poured it into the pan until it covered all of the burnt bits and brought it to the boil.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture, but we boiled it for twenty minutes and this is what it looked like when we poured it out.


You can see, there is still loads of burnt-on parts, so we did a second round, but believe me we had not seen the silvery bottom of that pan for months so even the first round was an advancement.

In order to leave it on for longer and not need to worry about it boiling over, we slid a wooden spoon over the top (which is a great trick when cooking rice or boiling spuds!).


After another 15 minutes, we poured it out and this is the finished product.


Almost good as new! And I don’t think I saw this pan that clean even when I was a kid. Now my porridge doesn’t taste of onions and the best part is, you can leave it cleaning while you watch the football and come half-time, you’ve got a clean pan.

Boyfriend was very happy.


E x

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