Homemade Tassel Banner

When I returned to the office in the New Year, one of my work friends asked what my NY resolutions were. And I didn’t have any.


Well, I’ve been thinking and now I have some.

1) Learn to knit

2) Do more sewing

3) Stop taking on so much stuff all at once.

4) Get the house sorted.

Now, number 1 is in progress and number 3 means I’m resisting the urge to audition for about 3 plays right now. I need a break, the last one nearly killed me. Number 2 will be under way in the summer I hope, once I get number 4 done. You see, I need to finish the spare room off so that I have a space to sew in the first place without Andrew going insane from the constant whirring of a machine.

This week, I treated myself to a little Phrenology head for the living room, attempted to hang some sticky hooks for my pictures (they weren’t strong enough. I nearly died.) and worked out what to hang above the TV. We also bought a plant today and he’s called Bernard. Once I buy some stronger hooks and perhaps a bar cart/ butler tray, the living room is done. So it’s on to the bedroom!

Our bed is delicious at the moment. We’ve put the super-thick duvet on with a comforter and extra pillows and it is like living in marshmallow land. Mmmmm. But we have a huge ugly space above our bed. Boo! I took a look on Pinterest for some inspiration and saw this great idea.


I hunted online for some cute poms and found Pom Pom Studio, which sells every colour and size imaginable. Whoop whoop! I also saw these cute garlands.


But they were £20. Whut whut! That’s a lot of money for some tissue paper. So, I made my own.

Now, I’m not a neat person so it’s a little shabby but for a first timer, it turned out super cute and I love it! I just need to make it a little longer as I underestimated the size of my room. But, meh, it didn’t take long to make. I used this tutorial from Linen, Lace and Love.


I only needed a few things: A mat, glue, twine, scissors and of course, tissue paper. I got a pack of 5 sheets of tissue paper from John Lewis for £2 and used three sheets to make the banner above.

So firstly all I did was cut the paper. It was already folded in half top to bottom, and then folded three times left to right. Keeping the folded edge at the top, I cut up from the bottom and let a three-inch border at the top. Then, I unfolded it as you can see below. I cut along the folds from fringe to top so I had three sections.


I unfolded these sections so I had two sides of fringe and a solid middle. I rolled it up from bottom to top, then folded it in half again.


You end up with a loop at the top and the fringe at the bottom. Huzzah! One tassel. I did this a LOT of times until I had about 12 tassels. Then, I just looped them all onto some twine.

whoopAnd here it is! I stuck it to my wall using washi tape, but this wall is a work in progress. I want to get a long picture to hang above it so that the tassels fall underneath. It’s gonna look so cute!


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