Do you Bento?

I’ve been converted.

I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I love packed lunches.

Being Gluten Free, packing lunch fills me with dread – but then so does eating lunch out. Lunch in general causes a headache (and stomach ache). Not being able to make myself a sandwich or buy a pasty meant I had to make do with soups, even in summer, or left-overs from the night before.

But now I have a new friend, the Bento box. And I love him.

Yes, I sound insane, I am a little bit in love with a lunchbox. But it is a lunch box with compartments!



Lunch just got a little bit more interesting.

The compartments mean I can now take hummus, crudites and olives all in one box without getting everything mushed together. Hurrah! And I can mix it up; falafel, feta, artichokes, peppers, chorizo, paella….the list is endless. In fact, I literally just scoured the fridge and cupboards, so my packed lunch has cost me virtually nothing over the top of my normal weekly shop – except I snuck a Babybel in and a pack of Pombears.

I’m hoping I never have to eat soup in August again.



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