BabyLit – My new favourite thing

If you know me, you’ll know I love a good bit of literature, and when I was teaching I would try desperately to get the kids really into The Tempest or Dracula (most of the time, none of them cared a bit.). It’s a tragedy that they’re missing out on some great stories and the fact that most of them don’t have a culture of reading at home does not help.

So when I saw these amazing, adorable books, I was instantly in love.


BabyLit is not your average re-vamp of a classic story – these are board books made especially for toddlers to get them knowing about literature before they know what’s happening. From Alice in Wonderland to Pride and Prejudice, these books enable you to teach your little one opposites, numbers and vocabulary using a great story as a base with fab artwork – which is what drew me in in the first place.  Granted, they’re not a complete re-telling of Wuthering Heights, but they’re eye-catching and at least teach some general characters and scenes behind the story.

The artwork is the big draw and BabyLit have created some beautiful pieces of kit to go alongside your favourite book. These include cuddly toys of characters (who wouldn’t want to give their little girl a cuddly Mr.Darcy?) and prints to decorate a room, meaning you can have a Moby Dick themed bedroom complete with harpoon artwork.




But if, like me, you’re thinking “Is an awesome baby book really the best excuse to have a baby?”, you can get involved without decorating a nursery or reading a cardboard book about counting, as the company also sell tote bags featuring their prints.

At the moment, BabyLit only appears to be available in book form on Amazon for the UK, although you can order directly from their site for UK delivery here .


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