Harbercue Norwich

I’d heard great things about a couple of places new to the city that do my favourite type of filthy food, Dray Yard Smokehouse and Harbercue at the Ten Bells, and yesterday I had the chance to try the latter.


Harbercue is a pop-up business housed within the Ten Bells pub on St. Benedict’s Street, serving brisket and pulled pork either in a bun or on a tray with slaw and double cooked fries. The menu is small, but the food is great and you know what you’re going there for. As it’s housed within a pub, there are only a few tables and they get booked up fast. We had a table for two, although there were groups of 6 and 10 there, too. We bought our drinks at the bar (before 8pm it’s 2 cocktails for £8), and perused the menu.

There are 4 buns on offer – brisket, pulled pork, a mix of the two and then a double stack cheeseburger. Andrew went for the Bessie – slices of brisket topped with cheese and slaw in a brioche bun. He also took a mug of hot wings and a side of fries because hey, it’s not American fare without a helping of saturated fat. I took a mixed tray, and it was piled high with fries, pickles and a little of both meats.

The food is served on old-school tin crockery, and the tin cans filled with cutlery on the tables give it a backyard vibe. We were given the choice of two homemade hot sauces, with the third option of x-x-x sauce on request. We stuck to the x-hot provided, which was delicious and fruity. Because the meat had been slow cooked all day, it didn’t take long for our food to arrive so this is a great place to come for a quick bite.

My only reservation is the fact that because our table was so close to the kitchen, and the door is kept open, we left smelling like barbecue. The restaurant area could do with a little bit of a make-over; the rest of the pub is really well decorated, but the corner we were sat in (as a last-minute table) was a bit bland. However, as a pop-up business that hasn’t been around for long, it its probably more up to the pub than Harbercue to do this.

If you want cheap, good, fast food, this is a great place to come and I’ll definitely be back.

Harbercue is within the Ten Bells pub on St. Benedict’s Street, Norwich. It serves food on Friday evenings, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday day times. Our bill came to £19.50 for a bun, a tray, a side of fries and mug of wings. Not bad!

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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