5 Hot Wedding Trends from Pinterest

I’m not getting married, nor do I particularly know anybody who is (we only have one wedding to go to this year, which is a relief after the mad influx of weddings last year!). I don’t really intend to get married. But I LOVE the idea of planning a wedding.

If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m big on organisation and planning. I have Pinterest boards for each room of the house, and I for 600+ outfits for every occasion. Really, I ought to be a party planner, because I cannot decide whether I want a white and gold baby shower, or a circus baby shower, or a bunting-themed baby shower. I’m not even having a baby!

But, alas, I am not a party planner. So in the hope that someone can glean some inspiration from what I’ve pinned, I’ve created this blog of my favourite wedding trends from Pinterest.

1) Pick an unusual dress

Designers are going all out on texture recently, with lace overlays, tulle, and layered art-deco panels. Gone are the days of diamante-encrusted sugarplum fairy dresses. This new season of understated chic means details and floaty elegance.


Of course, going for a short dress or a coloured dress is a great idea if you’re not into the big white wedding thing, or this is not your first wedding!

2). Mismatched Bridesmaids

There is a blog floating around the internet on how to pull off the mismatched bridesmaid look. I really love this idea, as it enables each bridesmaid to feel confident in what they’re wearing, whether it be the cut or the colour. You could make it simple by choosing one colour and a different style, or go for the same dress in contrasting colours, but I personally love the tonal look of completely different dresses.

Kate Moss really pulled this off well when she had about 13 bridesmaids and flower girls. They all dressed in neutral creams and whites, which really tied them all together. If you’re too nervous to go for all-out mismatch, why not dress the Maid of Honour in a different tone to set her apart?

3). Super-cute flower girls and page boys.

Of course, all flower girls and page boys will be cute, and will be the talking point of much of the wedding, especially if they mess-up/ fall over / are tiny. But giving girls an awesome outfit they can only get away when they’re young is a great way to make the day memorable for them forever, and giving page boys a special duty will get them to behave!


A tulle tutu will make any little girl feel like a princess- no matter how tiny! Glitter, bows and flowers all make them look like tiny flower fairies. Get your page boy to either carry a banner or bring the rings – but make sure one of the ushers is on hand to help!

4) Get creative with the food

Weddings have become synonymous with stuffed chicken breast, vol au vents and fruit cake wrapped in a napkin and shoved in a handbag. It doesn’t have to be that way! The best weddings are the ones where the food is different – a trolley of sweets, a barbeque, or an ice cream van will go down a storm and make everyone feel more comfortable.

CakeGo all out on a magnificent cake, or why not go for a cupcake tower? Decorated candy apples are a great idea for a take-home snack, or give each guest a cake-box to make transport that little bit easier. Save money on fancy food in the evening – go for make-your-own s’mores over a camp fire, and save money on champagne (which nobody really likes anyway) by buying cava and adding a hibiscus flower to sweeten it up- and make it look really expensive!

5). Go for a bright bouquet

Who says you need white flowers at a wedding? Or even flowers at all? Set against a white dress, a bright bouquet will look really breathtaking and will have everyone asking what florist you used – and I’ve never heard anybody ask about florists at a wedding before! Flowers are a main feature of a wedding but they are so easily overlooked as a means to make a real impact.

BouquetMixing and matching colour, texture and style but keeping within a common tone – neon, or pastel, or jewel – is key to making it work. If you’re not into the bright theme, why not go for a pop of colour within a single flower – Frangipanis are also great for this, with their pink and yellow ombre petals. Bright leaves are also a great way to keep allergens at bay!

These trends needn’t break the bank, either. Monsoon is great for wedding dresses, and high-street brands such as Coast do beautiful dresses. Now maxi dresses are on trend, you can grab great dresses for a beach wedding at a fraction of the price of traditional dresses. You could ask floristry students to do your bouquet, or even do it yourself with a youtube tutorial! And it’s so easy to make a tutu for a little one at home, all you need it tulle and elastic. Get onto Pinterest and start planning your big day!


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