Harbercue Norwich

I’d heard great things about a couple of places new to the city that do my favourite type of filthy food, Dray Yard Smokehouse and Harbercue at the Ten Bells, and yesterday I had the chance to try the latter. Read More




A Crafty Christmas

wrappingSome of you may know I’ve had a really busy time lately. Not only am I trying to study for my final year at uni, but I’ve also undertaken the massive task of acting in panto. Argh! This year I need to learn not to take on more than I can handle – at least so that I can devote more time to making cute things. I had a couple of weeks off over Christmas, so was able to get back into the kitchen / craft room and get creative. READ MORE

Gluten Free Beetroot Brownies


In my experience, gluten free baking can go horribly wrong. Things can be dry, flat or crumbly, and so the best recipes are ones which have a little something extra gooey. Maple syrup and banana cake, chocolate Guinness cake and peanut butter cookies are some of  my favourites.

When my mum gave me a handful of beetroot, I didn’t really know what to do with it. We’d done our weekly shop and it just didn’t fit in with our menu, but I love love love beetroot. Then, a work colleague told me her own mum made amazing brownies with beetroot, and so voila! That’s what I did. Read More…

Tiramisu macarons – Attempt 1

I’ve been wanting to make macarons since…well, forever. As I’m not supposed to eat gluten, the little morsels of almondy sugary goodness are my coffee shop treat of choice.  And with the Bake Off in full swing, the need to get back in the kitchen has been building.

This weekend is 4 days long for me – well, if you count Thursday spent in a hospital room! – so whilst my poorly boy relaxed on the sofa (and called out for tea, chocolate and ice packs, I took a trip into the kitchen and decided to have a go. Read more…


Hummus tray bake chicken

I love a good tray bake. Not only is it easy, quick and saves on washing up, but you get the delicious flavours of the meat seeping into the veggies (mmmhmmm!).

This recipe is a great summer dish, giving a middle-eastern flair to the simplest of ingredients and making a standout dish on a weekday.

Read more here